Why & How to Choose a Content Marketing Consultant

As we’ve described in previous content marketing blogs, you now know that you need to increase your content marketing budget, create a content strategy that goes viral, and essentially begin content marketing just as soon as possible. Because of this urgency, along with the level of skill that comes with a content strategy, you may have decided to enlist the help of a content marketing consultant. You know that content marketing is a valuable tool that will increase your site’s traffic, increase its visibility in search engines, and establish a better reputation for your brand. You also know that a content marketing consultant is better equipped to help you achieve all of this. Here’s how to find the right consultant for you.

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Why You Need a Content Marketing Consultant

Even if you have some content marketing expertise, here are several critical advantages that content marketing consultants can provide:

  1. Cost Savings: Consultants are not only cheaper than large digital marketing agencies, but they are also much less expensive than hiring a full-time staff member to take care of your content marketing needs.
  2. Niche Experts: Often consultants work with those that are within their niche industries. Rather than relying on a generalist, consultants have the connections or the knowledge of the specialities themselves to write for you.
  3. More Accountability: Consultants are contractually obligated to perform and submit work in a timely and efficient manner. It’s their job to make you happy, and so they have a vested interest.
  4. Troubleshooting: In case you have content issues or hit a snag, content marketing consultants have loads of experience to troubleshoot any problems for you. They can figure out what is going on and how to fix it.

How to Choose a Content Marketing Consultant

Once you realize why you need a content marketing consultant, it’s time to do your research and find the right consultant that works for you. The services provided by a content marketing consultant should include the below.

  1. Branding & Research: First, find out how the consultant will approach your branding and research. Getting familiar with your brand, conducting market research, and reviewing competitive research are all essential pieces to beginning a content marketing strategy.
  2. Content Delivery: Second, ask the consultant how they will deliver their content. What is the medium to which they are writing content? A blog? Guest blog? What is the length, format and overall goals of the content? What do you hope to convey and represent?
  3. SEO: Is there an SEO strategy involved? SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. Without a content marketing strategy, it’s nearly impossible to advance in SEO. Ensure that your consultant is using valuable keywords and optimizing your content to the best of their ability.
  4. Social Media: The fourth most important piece of your content strategy is how it will be shared across social media and third party blogging and bookmarking sites. The use of social media to boost your content is a cheap and easy way to promote your business and the overall effectiveness of your content strategy.
  5. Metrics & Reporting: The final question to ask your consultant is how they will share and report on data and analytics. What counts as a success? How will data be reported? What softwares will be used and how? How will you measure and track progress? All of these questions are essential in measuring success.

Choosing a content marketing consultant can be an intimidating process, whether your own knowledge about content marketing ranges from none to some. However, hopefully the above tips will help you make an educated decision when contracting with a content marketing consultant. For more tips about content marketing or to speak with a content marketing consultant, contact Salient Fox.

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