Chicago’s Top Social Media Consultants

Social media marketing is a critical component to your online marketing strategy. Nowadays, without social media, your website will have trouble ranking in search engines and you content will only go so far in sharing and distribution. Furthermore, when people visit you, use your services or products, or want to reach out to you, they have nowhere to go! Social media not only gives you some digital real estate; it also gives you authority and credibility within your industry and throughout your audience.

Chicago social media marketing services – various icons over the cityWe offer a variety of social media marketing services including one-to-one consulting, employee and department training, social content writing and distribution, and much more at consultant rates your organization can afford. Our services can be as comprehensive or as simple as you’d like. We understand that keeping up with social media on a regular basis can be daunting, whether you’re well resourced or under resourced. We can be around to manage the campaign ourselves or step in if you just have questions or get stuck.

Why Do You Need Social Media Consulting Services?

These days, social media tips are everywhere you turn. It’s seemingly easy to create and manage your own social strategy. However, devoting the time and resources and actual strategic implementation are often where businesses need additional support. With understaffed marketing departments and extremely expensive agencies, it’s hard to justify a social marketing strategy, but we promise it’s worth it. We can give you a hand here!

Marketing Plan from a top Chicago social media marketing companyWe can help you build brand awareness, nurture your communities and audiences, and earn the loyalty of brand evangelists. Not only will you generate leads and new business, but you will learn more about your customers, empower your employees, and exercise exceptional customer service-all through the use of social media marketing techniques, practices, and protocols.
e Social Media Implementation Process

Social media isn’t just for niche industries. It’s meant to work for everyone, and we can help you make it work for your business in Chicago, or nationwide. A few steps of our consultancy and management process involve the following:

  • audits of current platforms
  • planning of weekly, monthly and quarterly material
  • campaign development
  • social media training and workshops
  • and more!

Chicago marketing consultants at work around table viewing social media statisticsStaying ahead of the curve and adopting a social media strategy will help you drive traffic to your website, engage current and potential customers in conversation, and enhance your online brand reputation. The conversation is happening with or without you, so be a part of it! Through our social consulting services, we can help you enhance your brand exposure, build brand trust, generate more quality leads, gain valuable insight into your customers, and ultimately, grow your business.