Meet Your Chicago Based SEO Consultants

SEO strategy written on napkin with red cup for Chicago businessLocal SEO consulting can be hard to come by. SEO consultants are a dime a dozen. When was the last time your business sought an SEO strategy? Was it recently? Perhaps you’ve already realized that what may have worked a year ago isn’t working for you anymore. Or perhaps what was once working is now actually harming your efforts. In order to be considered an SEO expert, you have to stay on top of Google’s algorithms, and for something that is always changing and evolving, it’s quite a feat.

SEO Consulting Services are More Important that You Think

One of the main issues that we see amongst SEO practices is that web design companies are now taking the very specific practice of SEO and applying it as an additional service. Therefore, when you have a website created for you, it’s likely that one of the deliverables provided is a “basic SEO” set up. You can have a beautiful website that gorgeously demonstrates and describes exactly what your business does. But is it bringing you business? Without a comprehensive SEO strategy in place, it’s likely that your website is just out there lost in the digital space, lingering until someone stumbles upon your business name and searches for it. This should not be the current state of your website. The website should function as a primary lead generator, capturing traffic and converting visitors to new business at an ever-increasing rate.

SEO Consulting Charts, Graphs, & Results In ChicagoOur Internet marketing consultants have devoted years of education and experience in mastering the skills required to take the mystery out of SEO. Local SEO is the secondary piece of a comprehensive SEO program. Through geo-targeted optimization and consistent keyword research and implementation, we can target specific local audiences and attract more relevant leads.

What do Our SEO Consulting Services Include?

A few of our SEO techniques include:

  • auditing the website for copy and keyword errors,
  • quality linkbuilding,
  • strengthening your backlink profile,
  • correcting broken internal and external links,
  • keyword research and analysis,
  • directory and listing outreach,
  • optimizing local listings and review sites,
  • and more!

SEO Expert Imprinted into Wooden Cubbyhole StatueThe practice of SEO not only allows your business to be found online, it also increases its visibility over time, producing even more traffic and potential new business. Our Internet marketing consultants can provide you with a solid SEO strategy and real results through SEO consulting. With only the use of “white hat” SEO practices, the proper use of quality link building, and applying only relevant keywords to your strategy, Salient Fox is able to keep your SEO up to date and working.