Meet Your Chicago Internet Advertising Consultants

Internet Advertising often gets a bad reputation because it can be expensive. However, this is usually only the case when a business lacks the resources needed to monitor and manage campaigns. Paid advertising is not only a great way for your business to generate quality leads, but its tracking potential is tremendous to understanding your customer’s online behavior and preferences. Paid advertising platforms on Facebook and Google and more are continuously updated and upgraded so that businesses can generate more research, more leads and essentially more business.

Why Use Our Advertising Agency Consultants?

With a lot of tools, targeting techniques and functionality available for digital advertising consultants, our advertising services can help you reach new customers in an extremely profitable way. Not only can we monitor your ad campaigns, but we can decrease your cost per lead and increase your revenue.

PPC Consulting Services Chicago – Image of PPC Cloud drawn by handAs a Google Partner, we have the abilities to implement targeted Pay-Per-Click and advertising campaigns on both Google and various social platforms. We consider PPC to be a vital part of your online marketing strategy. However, it works best when there is a strong SEO strategy in place. With both paid advertising and organic optimization, you can easily and seamlessly produce results.

How Can Salient Fox Help Your Paid Advertising Initiatives?
Salient Fox works within your business priorities and goals to create paid advertising campaigns and management plans that fit your business’s needs. It’s our job to ensure that your Internet advertising campaigns are including the right set of keywords, targeted to the right group of people, to bring the right type of traffic to your website based on your digital goals. We ensure that every keyword is profitable, and are always look for new opportunities. Furthermore, we prove our results through regular reporting. Our reports are comprehensive, yet easy to follow, and we make sure that we aren’t using overly esoteric marketing terminology.

Image reveals experience of professional marketing consultants in ChicagoOur holistic online marketing approach involves a variety of services suited for you, and our paid advertising services are the perfect complement to any marketing plan. Paid advertising has the capacity to provide solid and immediate results, with very high rates of return than most forms of Internet marketing.

Through methods such as Google Adwords management, remarketing, and paid social media advertising through platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, our PPC consultants can develop and implement a digital advertising strategy that is regularly monitored and analyzed by our Internet marketing consultants. Or, we can train your team to implement the strategies for you! We ensure that our follow up reports are insightful and easy to understand, and we continually identify the best performing ads and optimize them for maximum ROI.