Chicago, IL Email Marketing Services

Chicago Email Marketing Consultant Graphic Design White on RedEmail marketing is one of those necessary marketing campaigns that takes strategy and time. Without either, you will blindly contact each of your customers without truly knowing what they need or want while expecting results. While it is time-consuming, it’s as essential now more than ever. Even though it has been around for a long time, email marketing is still considered the best way to reach out to and communicate with your audience and customers in an uncomplicated and non invasive way. Developing and implementing a strategic email marketing program is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Email is More Important Now than Ever

Chicago Email Marketing Consulting WorkflowAs one of the only digital methods of directly connecting with your customers, email marketing is still relevant in the digital marketing world. However, the process of getting started can be intimidating. While third party email distributors can be easy to setup and manage, it’s the time and resources needed to do this. We often see businesses with understaffed departments attempt email marketing initiatives or have none at all. From setting up lists, to generating a message, to creating graphic designs that reflect your brand and purpose, email marketing can become incredibly time consuming.

Luckily, Salient Fox is here to help. Our Internet marketing consultants have mastered art and practice of designing, writing and managing both local and national email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, with the reporting abilities of many third party email distributors, and the additional reporting capabilities of our email marketing consultants, you will be able to track every single email you send to your customers along with the email behavior of each customer. How does that sound for generating new leads and nurturing your customer base?

What Does an Email Marketing Consultant Do?

Image of the words expert consulting on white with blue brain connected via wire to keyboardAn email marketing consultant does everything from create the campaign to send it out to your email lists. Some examples of the types of emails that businesses can send to their audience can range tremendously! Keep your customers up to date with business news and recent content through regular e-newsletters at a monthly or quarterly rate. Or, send out a unique promotional campaign to drive immediate sales. Or, perhaps you have an upcoming event or speaking engagement in which you could invite your lists to attend. There are also survey emails, automation emails, nurturing emails and many other opportunities available to those who implement an email marketing plan.