Chicago’s Leading Digital PR Consultants

Traditional public relations efforts have recently gone a step further in the digital world. There has been quite a lot of buzz about online media and blogger outreach initiatives and their impact on brands. This is primarily due to the fact that, just like media publications, bloggers have become more influential. Furthermore with several social sharing opportunities, anyone can become an influencer, within any industry. Many even have followings comparable to the circulation of national publications.

Why Do You Need Digital Public Relations?

Due to these enormous followings, online media have websites that have tremendous authority within search engines. With the aforementioned high-ranking authority of blogs, digital publications, and other online news media, our Internet marketing consultants can acquire relevant and targeted press coverage, features and guest blogging links that will ultimately produce a visible impact on your overall business growth.

Bloggers and online media publications have become a more affordable and responsive way of receiving fantastic backlinks that do more than just generate awareness about your brand. Gone are the days of working with well-established media for advertising opportunities and stories online. Everyone is online these days, and the prominence of print has diminished. Digital public relations is a major part of any digital marketing campaign.

The Digital PR Process

Through targeted digital public relations plans, you can be well on your way to securing press, improving your SEO, and generating business. We begin the process by identifying the right influencers and bloggers who can sway and have impact on the decisions of those who “follow” them through either their social accounts or their blog. We then assist you with verbalizing your story and then making it relevant to the lives of these influencers and bloggers. Finally, we share this story with those we know will love it, and we allow them to share it with their followers. Soon, a viral thread is taking place, and it’s all a conversation about you.

Different types of digital public relations include seeking brand loyalists, link building for the purposes of search engine optimization, sponsored reviews (in the form of pay or product exchange), and blogger outreach. Depending on your expectations and your goals, we can choose the most effective initiatives and generate a proposal unique to your needs.

Get Media Coverage Through Digital PR

Everyone loves press, and this is just another way in which your business can receive awareness. Through research, content creation and press coordination from our Internet marketing consultants, you’ll find yourself in the digital papers! Not only will you see yourself in various online media, you will simultaneously generate attention and authority within search engines.