Chicago Based Copywriting & Content Marketing Consultants

Sometimes, all you need is for someone to verbalize, write, and share your story. Every business Tools for content Marketinghas a story, and in order to get it out there, you have to put it into words. A good copywriting consultant can help you get started, and at Salient Fox, we specialize in not only writing good content, but getting it ranked in search engines and sharing it across the web. Through our web copywriting services, we can provide you with the type of content that not only generates awareness and an audience, but also content that generates business.

The Importance of Content In Marketing

Not all content is created equal. This has a double meaning in that: 1) content can take the shape of various forms, like video, infographics, imagery, blogs, emails, etc; and 2) in order for content to be considered “good” content, it has to be shareable. Our Digital marketing consultants have established the means of generating quality content and distributing it so that it becomes viral.

What Will Content Marketing Do for Me?

Content Marketing Strategy On Grid With Promote and Optimized On PaperOur process is simple, yet our deliverables are comprehensive. We first get to know your business, learning about everything from where you are now to where you want to be. We identify obstacles and look for opportunities. Secondly, we help you understand your customers. You need to become intimately familiar with their wants and needs. Your business is providing a relevant value to them, and in this case, it would be in the form of great content. Whether informative or educational, your content strategy creates a numerous amount of opportunities to interact with your customers, and allow them to establish you as a reliable resource for what they want and need. Finally, we transform potential buyers into actual customers. Our goal is to develop business, not just a following. We utilize the most effective channels to optimize and share your content and measure the results as we go.

Content-for-Marketing-in-ChicagoA content strategy is essential to a social media marketing plan. Without a cohesive and structured content marketing plan in place, it is unlikely that you will see results in a social media marketing plan. From blog posts, to authority articles, to new releases, we provide superior web copywriting services that will make an impact on your overall marketing plan. We’ll help you stay ahead of the curve and adopt a content marketing strategy that will help you drive traffic to your website, engage current and potential customers in conversation, and enhance your online brand reputation.