The fun aspects of fitness for the busy female consultant

Consultation work is time-consuming. There’s often little in the way of downtime. And when you’re working over fifty hours a week, it is easy to neglect your health. But any successful consultant worth their salt, even a busy one, will tell you that maintaining your health is one of the best things you could possibly do for your career.

It isn’t just a matter of eating the right foods but also getting plenty of exercise. A few minutes or hours at the gym every week will improve your concentration and give you a boost of energy, not to mention making you feel great.
Admittedly, staying in shape isn’t just a matter of finding the time to workout. The motivation also matters. Most consultants won’t bother fitting exercise into their busy schedules because the idea of exercise seems too unappealing.
But that is only because they can only visualize exercise in the traditional sense. It is important to understand that one does not need to visit the gym in order to stay in shape. Just look at Studio Fit Chicago. The establishment is an all-female fitness studio in Lincoln Park that offers everything from yoga to boxing and aerobics.
A cross between a dance workout studio and a boot camp, Studio Fit paints the picture of a space within which the uncertain woman can achieve their fitness objectives in a relaxed, exciting, and experimental environment.
Womens dance fitness gym in ChicagoGone are the days when one had to wear a treadmill out or pump iron for several hours a week to keep a healthy mind and body. A little dancing here, some yoga there and you might be surprised by just how drastically your body will change.
And even if you do not have the time to visit a Dance Workout studio like Studio Fit Chicago, which some people definitely do not, getting fit is technically a simple matter of maintaining a mobile lifestyle.
Got to Fitbit and get yourself some wearable technology that can track your daily physical activity. You will start finding every excuse possible to move around your office space. Hell, do not be surprised if it becomes a game, especially if you involve your workmates.
Think about creating a culture of fitness in the office. This is particularly useful if all your waking hours are spent in the office. Compel colleagues to get fitbit watches and see who can walk the most steps in any given day.
If you really want to make things interesting, check out My Fitness Pal and get yourselves an app that can help you count your calories. Can you imagine how much easier it will be to shed your excess weight and get your body in shape when you’re a motivated by the desire to beat all your workmates?
Do not be surprised if everyone begins fighting for the chance to do the coffee runs just so they can get ahead on their steps.
Getting fit and staying fit takes work but it doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative. Find a studio that experiments with alternative workout routines; bring your workmates in on the fun, and suddenly exercise and dieting won’t seem so difficult.
In fact, you might even start looking forward to them.

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