A simple & effective method for long tail keyword research using free tools

We have consulted with more than a dozen digital marketing agencies throughout Chicago. The one trend I see more often than any others is that most digital marketers don’t have a good handle on how to effectively find long-tail keywords for their blog articles and web content. There are many paid tools that really let you dig into keyword research like you wouldn’t believe. However, if you’re not ready to spend the money on pro tools, then this super effective method at finding long tail keywords is perfect for you.

We have been teaching this method to Chicago businesses as a free and effective means of finding long tail keywords fast. And the tools are completely free to use.

Start in Google’s Keyword Planner

When you first open the keyword planner, your initial search terms will be entered into the “Find new keywords” section. Search for your seed keyword by entering it into the find new keywords section. Hit search and then sort through the keyword options and create a list of the words you would like to create long tail versions of.  So in this example, we are searching for “Chicago personal trainers.”


After creating your list in the Keyword planner, export this list, and save it. It will be used in the next step of our research process.


Next head to this free long tail keyword research tool online

Visit the following address to access our favorite free online long-tail keyword research tool: http://keywordtool.io/

Enter your search query under the appropriate tab, (ie: “Google” in this case). You will then be given multiple long-tail variations of your keyword. Go through the list and check the box next to the terms you think will work well in your content. You can also click the orange box to “copy all” if you like all of the keywords.

It’s okay if you cannot see the search volume or other metrics. We will be discovering this data in the next phase of our process.



After you have selected the terms you wish to use by checking the boxes, click on the orange button on the corner of the page that says “copy.” This will copy the keywords onto the Windows or Mac clipboard of your computer.



Head back to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool

Now, you will copy that list of keywords from the last step that you gathered in the keyword tool under “Plan your budget and get insights for keywords.” Under this section there is a sub-section titled “Get search volume data and trends.” Enter the keywords here and hit “Get search volume.”

keyword research 1

And voila! Your long tail keywords are now listed with search data. From here you pick the keywords with ample search volume that you fill will work well in your content.  Create your final list for the copy editor or to log away for future reference.

Now write content that gets serious traffic.


Any questions about this keyword research method? Please ask us below..



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