7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Content Marketing Strategy

While the need for content marketing is increasing, the strategy behind it is becoming more blurred. Does anyone truly know how to create a perfect content marketing strategy and ensure a return on investment from it? While it is essentially all about experimentation, there are ways in which you can create a content marketing strategy that is more efficient and will maximize your results and its impact on your business. Below are seven ways in which this can be accomplished.

Content Marketing

  1. Consider who is providing your content marketing. Is this being done in-house within a marketing department? Are you outsourcing content needs to an agency? Do you have consultants assist you along the way? You need to consider which option is the most practical for your business. You may need to change the provider.
  2. Document your content marketing strategy. Many businesses do this through content calendars, marketing plans, and other forms of documentation. However you choose to document this, it needs to happen! It should include your overall goals, task delegation, and deadlines for content.
  3. Use automation tools. The automated tools available today can be useful in helping you manage your time and your resources. While you and your team need to be a major part of the strategy, the implementation doesn’t need to be so complicated. These tools include Hootsuite, SproutSocial and tons of other scheduling software.
  4. Start using more of your niche keywords. While high search volume keywords tend to get more attention, there is also an enormous amount of competition around them. You’ll earn the best return through using these niche keywords that have low volume and competition within search engines.
  5. Put an emphasis on quality over quantity. Putting in an enormous amount of content marketing hours per week may seem like you’re going to get results faster. However, if you are producing 10 blogs per week that are just “okay,” you are probably wasting time. Decrease those 10 blogs to 5 per week and make them twice as good.
  6. Combine content marketing into your other strategies. Internet marketing strategies like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and even paid advertising campaigns can all involve your content production in some way. Repurpose what you have and intertwine your marketing approaches so that they feed off of each other.
  7. Experiment. Finally, the best way to get more out of your content marketing is to experiment. Staying within certain boundaries not only inhibits creativity but it also hinders growth. Marketing is constantly evolving, and your approach to content marketing should evolve with it. Even small changes can make a difference, so keep track of what works and continuously change what doesn’t.

Through the above ways, you will be able to finally get more out of your content marketing. Sometimes it’s all about the little tweaks and updates that make the biggest difference. For more help with your content marketing, contact Salient Fox, and we’ll get you on the path to content marketing success!

Content Marketing

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