5 Reasons Why Your Internet Marketing Is Falling Flat

How much success has your business or organization seen with internet marketing? If you’re not seeing the results you crave (and deserve) then this article is for you.

Nowdays it seems that everyone claims to be an “SEO and internet marketing expert.” But truth be told, many of these so-called experts simply don’t have the knowledge base or experience to get professional level results.  Not to call anyone out, but it takes thousands of hours of practice and thousands more actually doing something to get really good at anything.  Internet marketing is no different.

When you combine that with a fear of putting more time, effort, and money into something that’s failing to yield a positive return on investment, then internet marketing results often fall flat.  After years of performing internet marketing consulting services to agencies in Chicago and around the US, we’ve identified these major pitfalls that are frequent culprits of failing internet marketing campaigns.

You’re not using skilled enough people.

It can be difficult for people who are so focused on their business or organization to also have a strong understanding of internet marketing.  So they often fall into the trap of “Let’s just pay the intern, office assistant, or graphic designer to do it, they know how to post to Facebook and seem to do great on the internet.” Or the business owners fall into the trap of feeling that they have to stick with a single internet marketing company for life because they don’t know anyone else.

People base entire careers doing internet advertising, social media management, PPC advertising, and other internet marketing.  And the top professionals have taken the time to get really good at it and know how to get results.  The internet is a very competitive place.  If your current internet marketing person or company isn’t getting results, find one that will.

You’re not aggressive enough

To get results online, there are times you may need to be pretty aggressive.  Just like any other endeavor, the more you put into it the more you get out of it.  I like to compare this to working out at the gym. One of the biggest reasons people don’t get in shape is because they’re not working out intensely enough.  If you want results online you need to be prepared to put serious time into it yourself (and know that these things take time) or hire an internet consultant or company that can help.

You hired the wrong guy

Sometimes a company can sell better than they can deliver. The reason for this is complex but often relies on the assumption that “because a business can do xx they can also help with our internet marketing.”  Just because a company was able to build you an incredible mobile app doesn’t mean that they are SEO or internet marketing experts.

But the mindset of the business owner is often, “We already have their business, let’s upsell and extend the lifetime value of this client by offering them more services they need.” It makes business sense to do so from the business owner’s perspective, and they often have great intentions of helping the business, but this doesn’t always work out the best for the client.

So if you don’t like the results you’re getting, or have hired someone who’s personality strongly doesn’t fit yours, or you just don’t feel right working with this person, then let them go and try a new company that might be a better fit.

Your copywriting sucks

If you have professional, well-written copy for your internet marketing, you’re on a path to success.  Good copy attracts targeted views to your marketing and builds and steers your brand due north.  Conversely, bad copy is something people notice for the wrong reasons.  It doesn’t help to spread your message and reach your goals, and can in fact do the opposite.

So take a long hard look at the copy on your social media ads, website copy, blogs, press releases, and any other form of content distribution you may be doing.  If it sucks, consider stepping it up with a top notch copywriting professional. It may cost a bit more, but the results will speak for themselves.

Poor Communication

For any sort of complex work task, including internet marketing activities, a fair amount of communication is often needed.  Whether that be communication with the marketing professional and your business team, or simple communication with business owner and marketer, it has to be present.

Try amping up communications in the office using a software like Trello or Basecamp.  By organizing tasks and projects into bite sized pieces, the team can delve deeper into topics to foster communication.


Have any of these common mistakes caused any of your marketing campaigns to fall flat? Please comment below..


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