5 PPC Consulting Trends to Stay Ahead of as We Approach 2017

This year we have seen vast innovation in the arena of customer and behavior targeting. These audience targeting trends have helped businesses effectively market their products and services. From persona targeting to remarketing ads, paid search advertising is becoming a service that businesses all over are trying to tap into and utilize for the benefits of understanding their customers, reaching them, and convincing them to buy. If paid search advertising is something you are serious about, you must understand the trends of today in order to stay ahead of future trends.

5 PPC Consulting Trends

  1. Trend #1: Google Adwords Re-enables Mobile Based Bidding: In their recent announcement, Google has enabled tablet-bidding to return and base bids will now be applicable to all mobile devices. This is a result of the trend that mobile and tablet use has increased past desktop use, pushing marketers and business to conceptualize how they advertise to their audiences.
  2. Trend #2: Responsive Ads Can Be Featured in the Display Network: In another development, Google has introduced new and responsive ads for display. Now dynamic ads can readjust to screen sizes and automatically fit available ad spaces.
  3. Trend #3: More Characters for Text Ads: With the newly launched Expanded Text Ads, advertisers now have more character availability to include more characters in their ads. With two 30-character headlines as opposed to the one 25-character headline currently available, text ads will enable marketers to say more and inevitably target more.
  4. Trend #4: New Shopping Feed Will Impact PPC Campaigns: The updates here are essentially in regard to the information that Google requires from its advertisers in order to run these Shopping Ads. It involves specific pricing information, color and size values, and new image requirements.
  5. Trend #5: Video Ad Campaigns Will be Front and Center: People love to watch more than they love to read. As video ads have become increasingly popular across all advertising networks, this trend will continue to be a major part of mainstream advertising. Presenting your ads in video format can get you more eyes and more clicks through their use on PPC campaigns.

Do you have questions about PPC advertising trends and how to stay ahead of them? Give Salient Fox a call today! We’ll help you get started or get reorganized so that you can have PPC success!

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