5 Inbound Online Marketing Strategies that Work

We’re frequently asked which online marketing strategies work, particularly strategies related to inbound lead generation. It’s first important to understand inbound marketing. In a previous blog post about inbound and outbound marketing initiatives, we clarify that inbound marketing is an invitation to consumers to engage and interact with a business through unique, relevant and valuable content. In this form of online marketing, inbound leads are content-driven. Below are the five strategies that work.

Salient Fox: Inbound Online Marketing Strategies that Work

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Often referred to as SEO, this strategy entails several techniques within your business website, including: keyword and copy research and audits, quality linkbuilding, backlinking, broken link corrections, directory and listing outreach, and the optimization of local listings and social platforms. As an inbound strategy, SEO brings in potential customers by organically ranking you within search engines through effective optimization of your website.
  2. Content Generation: Whether it’s through blogging, white papers, case studies, news releases, video, infographics, or any other form of content, content marketing is the bones of an inbound online marketing strategy that works. Valuable and relevant content is what your customers are looking for, and as long as it emotionally or intellectually impacts your customer, and is easily shareable, it will be considered good content.
  3. Social Media: The content that you generate is the most effective when it’s shared on your social media platforms. Social media marketing and social publishing are the means of attracting large audiences within the many social platforms available to us today. These platforms also allows us to interact and engage with customers in a meaningful and purposeful way that simultaneously puts a human face behind your business name.
  4. Email Marketing: The content that you generate should also be shared within your email marketing strategy. The purpose and flow of your emails will effectively allow your customer to engage with you the way they want. Whether it’s clicking on a link to industry research or clicking on a link to a form for more information, it’s up to your customer to decide their next step, and that is what’s important. While building trust through a regular and consistent email marketing strategy, you are also preparing your customer to eventually buy from you.
  5. Landing Pages and Website Copy: As we all know, your website is your digital storefront. The copy that you put on your website must be intentional, genuine and helpful so that it that will entice the right potential customers to keep coming back for more, and in the end driving them to buy! With well-conceived brand messaging, and an optimized website, the content on your landing pages and website will work as an inbound online marketing strategy.

Online marketing is a constantly evolving world. In order to stay on trend and fresh within any industry, the intentional use of inbound marketing is a great way to express yourself and your business. Through creative content-drive campaigns like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and creative web copywriting, your business will thrive in the digital arena.

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