4 Ways to Use Real-Time Marketing on Social Media Sites

Real-time marketing is now trending to be one of the easiest and high-converting ways that businesses can reach and engage with their customers. For those who don’t know, real-time marketing refers to the use of a platform and providing content within that platform in real-time. Through smart-phone technology and videography, businesses and personal brands are taking advantage of this new development within online marketing. After all, everyone can access any platform at any moment these days! Might as well give your audience something to watch in real-time.

4 Ways to Use Real Time Marketing

  1. Facebook Live: Now available on your pages on Facebook, this “Live” feature lets businesses and people record themselves through a live video function. These live broadcasts provide both the time-stamp and location, along with the ability for the viewer to see the surroundings within the video. It’s an excellent way for brands and business owners to communicate to their friends and followers, in a personal, accessible and friendly way!
  2. Periscope: Periscope, a real-time, live-streaming video service provides audiences with broadcasts in real-time and storing them for up to 24 hours on the Periscope platform. Those who miss broadcasts can re-play them within 24 hours. Twitter purchased the app in early 2016. While the functionality was a little shifty at first, due to Twitter’s lack of integration, the live streaming capability is becoming more advanced. Periscope is a great way for businesses to get in front of their audiences at events, functions, workshops, seminars and more!
  3. SnapChat: Now one of the most trending platforms for businesses to utilize, SnapChat offers businesses the capability to send snaps to their followers in the form of pictures and videos. The neat thing about SnapChat is that it is in real-time, as content cannot be uploaded to the platform. Furthermore, like Periscope, the content is available as a “Story” for up to 24 hours. It’s a great way for businesses to creatively engage with their audiences, especially those of the millennial generation.
  4. Instagram Live: Similar to Facebook recent addition of live streaming, Instagram Live allows Instagrammers the functionality to provide real-time videos and pictures to their followers. This has becoming increasingly popular with bloggers and media, as these groups provide phenomenal images on Instagram and have astounding follower counts. If you’re a business on Instagram, take advantage of Instagram Live to enhance your account and engage with your followers in a different way.

All of the above options and more are available to businesses and public figures for their real-time marketing needs. Real-time marketing allows you to interact with your audience in a way that is personal, forthright, and interactive. Your customers are online within these platforms already engaging with content. It’s time to join the conversation!

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