4 Reasons to Increase Your Content Marketing Budget this Year

In the last few blog posts, we discussed 1) seven ways to get more out of your content marketing and 2) five reasons you should begin content marketing now. This time, we’re going to talk about the five reasons you should increase your content marketing budget this year. The purpose of all of these blogs related to content marketing is to encourage you to begin to see the value and relevance it provides to marketing your business.

4 Reasons to Increase

Your entire content marketing strategy is the engine of your inbound marketing, a strategy that should be your primary focus within your digital marketing plan. If you aren’t sure yet what inbound marketing entails, check back to our blog post about inbound marketing and what it includes. Even though we can’t provide specific advice on your particular content marketing strategy without knowledge of your brand, voice, goals, etc., we can provide one piece of advice that we give to all of your clients: increase your content marketing budget. In this blog, we list our top four reasons why.

  1. Demand for good content is on the rise. Even though there is a steady stream of content readily available on the Internet from a variety of businesses, consumers still want better content. They want more information, better references, stronger research, and more interesting content on a constant basis. Spending money on this type of strong and valuable content will guarantee return, as people want to read it.
  2. Everybody is increasing their budgets for content marketing. Over 80% of marketers are planning on increasing their content marketing budgets in 2016 and going forward. It isn’t true that just because other marketers are doing it means you have to. What is true is that this is an indication that there is growth within this particular piece of the marketing industry, and you should consider content a strong and growing investment.
  3. Your competition is starting to understand the value. When the competition gets fiercer, it’s time to make a change and put your money where it matters. As marketers and businesses understand more about the value of content marketing, it’s important to safeguard yourself against your competitors and make your business bigger and better within the industry.
  4. Content becomes more valuable with time. As your business’ reputation builds and your content grows, you’ll naturally attain more readership and a more loyal audience. Every piece of content you produce becomes more valuable over time. Within a few years of steady growth, the investment you applied at the beginning of your content marketing campaign will pale in comparison to what it’s worth now.

The caveat to increasing your content marketing budget is that you cannot blindly spend money. You have to work with internet marketing consultants to establish realistic and consistent goals, timelines, content types and outlets, and the overall direction and standards within the entire strategy. For assistance with your content marketing strategy and for more information about how to use your content marketing budget, contact Salient Fox, your digital marketing partners.

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