4 Email Marketing Tips for the Fall Season

Now that October is here, we’ve seen the return of warm boots, pumpkin spice lattes, trendy hats and scarves, and most importantly, a new season for setting up new marketing campaigns and spicing up old ones. In this blog, we’d like to focus specifically on email marketing. With the Fall season here, new trends, themes, colors and consumer mindsets are beckoning for fresh, nostalgic and warmer email marketing approaches from the businesses they love. Even though the leaves are falling, the time is ripe for email marketing!

Salient Fox: 4 Email Marketing Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is a critical season for email marketing because of two main reasons. Firstly, for those companies that typically make their sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas, marketers need to amp up their marketing leading up to the Holidays to earn the interest of holiday shoppers. Secondly, for those companies that aren’t driven by seasonal sales, the fall season serves as a major planning period so that businesses can launch new marketing initiatives by the New Year. Here we outline four email marketing tips that will surely bring your business into the fall season and into the minds of your customers.

  1. Hand-Pick Personal Offers: First and foremost, you have to be hyper-personal with your e-commerce emails. Each customer should have a comprehensive history of their past purchases, and your emails to them should be targeted based on their interests. If your database isn’t that specific, begin by segmenting your lists based on your customer’s personal preferences, and then tailor your messages specifically to each list.
  2. Bundle Up Sharing Capabilities: Expand the sales funnel of an email marketing campaign by integrating and embedding your social media links onto your emails. Allowing your customers to share your emails and their favorite email links onto their social platforms not only increases customer engagement but also potential sales. Integrate your email content and imagery onto social platforms as well for added brand effect.
  3. Re-Plant Email Template and Tracking Seeds: The fall season is the perfect time to dive into your current templates and the measureable results of your email marketing campaigns. Refer back to past emails sent throughout the year and clean up the templates to make them more streamlined, sophisticated and marketing savvy. Then, make sure you’re able to track all the data that you can from your lists, emails, and sharing options.
  4. Celebrate the Harvest: Once you have outlined your targeted lists and promotions, integrated social sharing, and tightened up your templates and tracking capabilities, it’s time to start sending those emails! Roll out a succession of deals and promotions during the holiday season that are designed to reward customer loyalty. Offer exclusive promotions to those that interact with your business the most, and create a membership tier that fosters brand loyalty.

For more tips in the email marketing sector, including these basic yet super effective email marketing tips, click here. Email marketing is still the best way to reach your customers on a personal level, and the time to either launch or relaunch your email marketing strategy is now! Fall is a critical time for your email marketing campaigns, so get started. For assistance or advice on your email marketing strategy, or anything related to internet marketing, contact Salient Fox.

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