3 Super Effective Email Marketing Tips

According to over 75% of marketers, email marketing will be the marketing service backed by the most marketing investment in 2016. This means both time and money are going to be put into a platform that has been around for the longest amount of time and still produces the most results. Email is here to stay as the preferred method of communication and promotion solutions. Therefore, in order to keep it cost-effective and powerful, it must be worth the investment. Here are three super effective tips to get you started:

Salient Fox: 3 Super Effective Email Marketing Tips

  1. Content is still king. We hear it over and over: content is everything. Unfortunately, the quality of content in emails is still lacking these days, either because of a lack of time and resources or because businesses assume their contacts will scroll through the email, click for what they want, and close it. Your business is no longer just about products and services; it’s also about creating content in the form of blogs, newsletters, videos and infographics. When creating this content, always ask yourself if your audience will truly benefit from whatever information you are providing them.
  2. Links need to take a priority. Emails should not be the end of the sales funnel for your customers. They should actually be the beginning. Within each of your emails, there should be several backlinks directing traffic to customized landing pages or pages of your website. If your email is simply linking back to your homepage, where there is no call-to-action, then it is unlikely that the reader will convert into a sale on the site. With the goal of conversions in mind, make sure you are always linking to specialized pages where there is a clear and concise call to action.
  3. Make it personal. Email is probably as direct and as personal as you will get with your customers online. They are allowing you to communicate with them through their inboxes. Personalize your email marketing campaigns to ensure that you are engaging your leads. By mentioning their first name in your emails, you are breaking through the rest of their email clutter and getting their attention. Take it a step further by A/B testing subject lines, “from” names, images within the email, colors of call to action buttons, etc. Take it even further by segmenting your lists based on demographics and interests, and cater your subject lines and content to those groups.

Your email campaigns more than likely need to be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Take this opportunity to restructure your email marketing campaigns to ensure that you are sending out quality content, linking wherever you can and to the right pages, and personalizing each campaign to your leads. With these three super effective tips, you are well on your way to email marketing success.

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