20 of Our Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs

We all need a little inspiration and education every now and then to touch up on our marketing skills. At Salient Fox, while we enjoy staying on the cutting edge of marketing techniques and trends, it’s nice to have resources in which we can gather more information, read other opinions and learn from others. Here are 20 of our favorite marketing blogs.

Salient Fox: 20 of Our Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs

  1. CMO: This blog provides advice, resources and insight to Chief Marketing Officers from Adobe.
  2. Contently: This blog provides case studies and best practices in order to drive web traffic to your business website with content marketing.  
  3. Convince and Convert: This blog provides articles with advice, news, and best practices on social media and content marketing.
  4. E-Consultancy: This blog provides resources and advice for today’s digital marketers.
  5. Fast Company Magazine: This blog provides news, trends and real-life stories about successful small business owners, in all fields, including marketing.
  6. Forbes Entrepreneurs: This blog is specifically written for entrepreneurs. It features advice from the experts in a variety of fields, including marketing.
  7. Help Scout: This blog provides advice, resources and stories related to improving the customer experience, including the promotional part.
  8. Inbound.org: This blog provides tips and tricks from the best inbound marketing community available on the web.
  9. Inc: This blog provides advice for everyone, from startups to growing companies about leadership, innovation, growth and business development.
  10. Marketing Charts: This blog provides surveys, reports and analytical findings about marketing and advertising.
  11. Marketing Land: This blog covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry.
  12. Marketing Profs: This blog gives modern marketers real-world education from today’s top experts in the field.
  13. Mashable: This blog is dedicated to documenting and shaping the digital revolution, with marketing topics and trends galore!
  14. Search Engine Journal: This blog provides news, trends, reports and case studies about search marketing.
  15. Search Engine Watch: This blog provides search engine marketing news, trends and advice for search engine marketers.
  16. Seth Godin’s Blog: Seth Godin is an incredibly knowledgeable sales and marketing guru with lots of advice to give!
  17. Social Business News: This blog provides coverage about enterprise social media, collaboration, technology and change management.
  18. Social Media Explorer: This blog provides thousands of articles on how to use social media to promote a business.
  19. The Wall Street Journal CMO Today: This section of the premier business news publisher is dedicated to news and insights relevant to CMOs.
  20. Think With Google: This blog provides market research and digital trends for consultants in order to stay on top of their marketing initiatives.

…And of course, subscribe to our blog as well! Topics range from all of our consulting services, from content marketing to PPC consulting, and from social media marketing to search engine optimization. You’re bound to find whatever marketing topics and information you’re looking for!

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