10 Social Media Success Secrets from A Social Media Consultant

We get asked often: What is your best social media marketing tip? There’s several, and it’s usually dependent on the type of business you have, the types of customers you’re targeting and what you’re already doing. Social media consulting is not a cookie-cutter practice, with a set protocol for each client. It’s very customized. However, there are some secrets to social media success from the point of view of a consultant that should be addressed with each client, every time.

Salient Fox: 10 Social Media Success Secrets from A Social Media Consultant

  1. Listen to what your customers are already talking about. Whether it’s about your product (or service) specifically, or the industry in general, find the trends, hot topics and messages that are being communicated so that you can join the conversation.
  2. Invite your employees, clients and business partners to talk about you. Businesses are often afraid of what their peers and employees might say about them online. However, keeping your messaging controlled will only make you sound artificial. Your employees and peers are your best brand ambassadors.
  3. Respond to your customers. Did you know that most messages and comments from customers go unanswered across all social networks? Brands that take the time to engage with their customers will earn their respect and loyalty.
  4. Get the whole company involved. Your social media strategy isn’t only coming from the marketing department. Every department should be involved in the conversation, whether it’s human resources or the C-suite.
  5. Content is still king! Your content strategy is what will ultimately engage your customers. Content can be informative, funny, heartwarming, and surprising. However, it is always relevant and applicable to the lives of your customers.
  6. Be authentic, genuine and human. Social media is generally less formal and more personal. Your customers are able to interact with you on a one-on-one basis. What you communicate on social media should be how you communicate elsewhere.
  7. Think about what you would say to your customers face-to-face. Many people think that because social media takes place on very specific platforms, their voice needs to change based on the platform. This isn’t the case. Speak the way you would at your business!
  8. Experiment as you go. Not every type of promotion is going to work for you. Research, explore and try new ways to promote your product or service through various messaging, timing, design and offers.
  9. Paid advertising goes a long way. Evaluate what’s working organically and apply those concepts to your paid social campaigns. With the advent of remarketing, you can also target those who have visited your website over and over again, keeping you top of mind.
  10. Measure your results. Third party social media management software and platforms are great ways to track your follower demographics, impressions, interactions, conversation and more.

With these social media consulting secrets, you’ll be able to create, manage and measure your social media endeavors. Turn your social media followers into your brand advocates and life-long customers through social media marketing.

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