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Digital Marketing & Consulting Services In Chicago

The Internet is a vast space. The opportunities to market your business are endless.

We’re here to help.

With a myriad of marketing initiatives currently available to businesses, we meticulously filter and select the services that would produce the most and the best results for your business. Not every strategy works for every company, but we’re here to help you choose and create the marketing program that can be ideally suited for your brand and seamlessly integrated with your current strategies. Are you looking to establish a digital presence, boost profitability, gain online awareness and achieve Internet marketing goals? If so, let’s talk.

SEO Consultants

From to local SEO, our consultants will get your website optimized and simultaneously boost your visibility and reputation attracting new leads & business..

Internet Marketing

Let us step in as your digital marketing department. Already have a marketing team? Let us work with them to streamline and expedite your Internet marketing results.

Social Media Consulting

Marketing is no longer just about the things you make or the services you sell.  We tell your story and grow your brand through our social media marketing & consulting services. 

Content Marketing

From blogging to social media to email marketing, the content that your company creates and distributes is the story you should be sharing with your audience.

Why Our Internet Marketing Consulting Services are Different

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in how people approach the way they market their business online. Sure, additions and improvements within social platforms and digital technology have contributed to this shift. However, we’re referring to the shift in how companies approach working with contractors and freelancers to keep their departments lean and expertly coordinated. The days of paying agencies copious amounts of money for various marketing services are diminishing, and businesses are becoming smarter and more practical about their own overhead expenses and resources.

Enter Salient Fox. As Internet Marketing Consultants, we can act as your marketing department or work with and train your in-house marketers. We will create a comprehensive marketing plan for you, outlining only the strategies that we feel will generate the most results. Then we will either implement them or train your staff to implement them. It’s up to you! With our team of talented freelancers, whom comprise years of education and experience, you can cut out the middleman and work directly with the experts.

PPC Consulting

Looking to advertise on Google or within a social network? Our certified consultants have the expertise required to implement targeted Pay-Per-Click and advertising campaigns.


Email Marketing

From messaging to delivery, we can execute campaigns that engages and entices viewers.  In addition to campaigns, we develop content and help you grow your list. 

Digital PR

We can improve your SEO strategy and online visibility through media coverage from renowned blogs, digital publications, and other online news media.

Brand Consulting

Your digital presence is just as important as your physical one. We will work with you to perfect how you are perceived online in order for you to become a leader in the industry.

Common Challenges Your Company or Organization May Be Facing


“Agencies are too expensive.”

How many times have you received proposals with investments five times more expensive than what you were originally expecting? Without overhead costs or superfluous fees for our digital consulting services, we won’t charge you for anyone else but your Internet Marketing Consultant and the time it takes them to get the job done.

“My marketing department needs training.”

Consulting is our business. We can train, develop and even implement protocols and campaigns that your marketing department may not have the resources or time to do themselves. Our digital consulting services range in variety, but they can all be tailored to your unique marketing needs.

“We lack the resources and the time.”

It’s easy to put marketing as the last task in your day planner, because you need to take care of all the other operational requirements and management needs. That’s where we come in. Our online marketing consulting services save you both resources and time so that you can focus on what you love: running your business.

“How do you create a marketing plan?”

Generic marketing plans are available all over the Internet. However, not all of them will cater to the marketing you require in order to attain the business goals you are seeking. When we meet with you, we will help you decide the best route to take in developing your marketing strategy. It may not be where you thought you’d begin, but it will definitely get you to the right destination.

“Where do we start?”

We’ll show you! With your digital marketing consultants, you’ll be on the way to managing your marketing strategies on your own or having us do it for you. We suggest you contact us to get started on the right path.

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Where can you find Salient Fox?

Salient Fox is able to position itself on the cutting edge of digital marketing initiatives because of Chicago’s incredible digital network. Aside from boasting some of the best attractions, entertainment and cuisine, Chicago also has an impressive creative and innovative digital community that propels the digital marketing industry. Within Chicago comes some of the nation’s brightest and most talented designers, developers and entrepreneurs. It’s no wonder that Chicago has been ranked one of the top best cities to find Internet marketing professionals.

Not in Chicago? No worries! Salient Fox has the capacity to work with companies outside of Chicago, whether in Illinois itself or all the way in California and beyond. Our internet marketing company has worked on both local and national campaigns and therefore hold the experience needed to develop and implement digital marketing strategies with anyone, anywhere. If you are in Chicago (or Chicagoland), give us a call! We’d love to meet you at your office or at your favorite Chicago meeting spot. Coffee on us!